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CustomCoat is a bespoke coatings and digital printing service for any panel substrate, including MDF, HDF, hardboard, fibre cement, composite panels and more. From wayfinding graphics to feature walls, Bates Surfaces can help create the interior desired finish. 

Bates Surfaces' UV coatings have been VOC-free since 2018. UV-curing means no solvents, resulting in cleaner air in the factory and no solvent smell when products are delivered to site.


Key Features
  • Scratch-resistant, durable surface: CustomCoat is a UV-coating system for interior wall and ceiling panels. Panels are protected from wear-and-tear with the same coating used on our Fenta ceiling tiles – the durable, UV-cured clear finish developed by Bates Surfaces. This scratch-resistant finish is ideal for walls in high-traffic areas, as well as environments with stringent hygiene requirements. 
  • VOC-free paint: The UV-curing technology is a photochemical process in which ultraviolet light cures the paint by binding the pigments. Coatings are instantly dried on the line, with no subsequent VOC emissions. This makes for a healthier product onsite and a safer working environment in the factory. UV also outperforms most conventional coatings in many areas, including UV resistance, hardness , moisture resistance, chemical and stain resistance, antimicrobial properties and ultra matt finish, as well as being resistant to soft-touch fingerprints.
  • Digital printing: High-resolution printing gives you enormous scope to communicate identity and personalise interiors with innovative graphics and large-format images. As a narrative or storytelling device, these coated digital prints are more architecturally integrated with the building fabric than surface vinyl prints or paint-on finishes.
  • Product design development: Bates Surfaces' design consultants can assist with new product ideas and advise on the latest colour trends. An on-site sampling machine also allows us to create sample panels for market testing. From bespoke colours to different gloss levels, Bates Surfaces' expertise can help explore and expand the vision for the project.
Scope of Use

CustomCoat is a surface finish for interior panels used to line walls and ceilings.

  • Sectors: Commercial, Education, Retail, Hospitality, Sports, Recreation, Residential
Limitations on Use

This is a decorative coating, not a fire-rated coating. The substrate specified will determine which spaces the final panel can be used for. Contact Bates Surfaces to discuss the application.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

Fire safety: You can select a substrate and finish to achieve a Group 1-S.

Hygiene: With the silver bio-additive specified, our products meet the requirements of Clause G3.3.2 in NZBC G3 Food Preparation and Prevention of Contamination.

Warranty: Bates Surfaces finishes come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.


In-Service History

Bates Surfaces have fulfilled OSM orders for customers such as James Hardie and Laminex for the past 30+ years. CustomCoat uses the same technology and know-how delivered for these large customers. Depending on the coating required (for example, clear, digital print or pigmented finish), get in touch to discuss specific reference projects.

Other Performance Attributes

Maintenance: To clean the panel surface, simply wipe with a damp cloth. For more stubborn marks, use a non-abrasive domestic cleaner. To remove dirt and soap build-up, wipe down with sugar soap or kerosene on a damp cloth. Follow all safety instructions on the cleaning product packaging.

CustomCoat by Bates Surfaces

Bates Surfaces is the UV coatings specialist for interior building products.

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