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November 2011

Asona Impact Resistant Acoustic Ceilings for Sports Halls

The ceiling needs to be robust to resist impact damage and to absorb sound so reverberation is controlled and speech intelligibility improved while providing good light reflectance and thermal insulation for energy efficiency.

Asona now provides two high performance impact resistant acoustic ceiling systems for this market, each with its own distinct benefits.

The first is Danoline Contrapanel, a reinforced perforated plasterboard panel prefinished with a white scuff resistant foil facing, 6mm diameter perforations and an acoustic tissue backing.

The bevel edge panels are screw fixed to rigid metal furring or timber battens at 300 mm centres for a rigid ceiling that negates the risk of panel lift/drop common with basic grid and tile ceilings.

The second is Asona’s NZ made Triton Sports 40 ceiling system which consists of a proprietary heavy duty wide faced T38 exposed grid system, CLW90 hold down clips and 40 mm thick aluminium foil backed high density glass fibre panels faced with a non combustible tough woven glass fabric facing for acoustics, durability and thermal efficiency.

Both systems are ideal for sports halls, multi functional halls and gymnasiums with some customers preferring one over the other dependant on application and design criteria.

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