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Contemporary Chic: Six Apartment Design Trends Arriving from Europe in 2024

European cities have been refining apartment living for generations, addressing the challenges of limited space with innovative, space-saving designs. Their sense of style and attention to detail have resulted in aesthetically pleasing, functional apartments that make the most of every square metre.

As the demand for high-density and stylish living spaces continues to grow in New Zealand, we look at European design trends to incorporate them into our local design scene. We also share how these trends beautifully align with the features and colours of FENIX, making it an excellent choice for your cabinetry and interior surfaces.

1. The use of green materials and colours

Green is the colour of sustainability and harmony. In European apartments, green hues are taking centre stage, representing the desire for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. As we move towards a more sustainable future, you can expect to see “greener designs” that provide a fresh and calming atmosphere and emphasise the importance of eco-conscious living. FENIX NTM is a carbon-neutral material, and 0750 Verde Comodoro perfectly embodies this trend, with its soft green tone that adds a touch of serenity to any apartment space. For more fun and lively spaces, 0773 Verde Brac from the FENIX NTM Bloom range is the perfect choice.

2. Bordeaux in the glass and the cabinets

Bordeaux, the deep and rich red colour, is making a bold statement in European kitchens. Red kitchens create a sense of drama and passion, while Bordeaux glass and cabinets bring a touch of sophistication to the space. FENIX NTM 0751 Rosso Jaipur is a striking choice that perfectly complements this trend. Its intense red hue and the material's matte finish make for a modern, elegant, and functional kitchen. Check out 0770 Rosso Askja from the FENIX NTM Bloom range for a more vibrant and bright colour choice.

3. Seamless cabinet doors

Saving space and creating a sleek, uncluttered look is a significant goal for many apartment owners. Seamless cabinet doors are a popular European trend that achieves just that. FENIX 12mm solid panels are ideal for creating this seamless look while saving space and featuring a hardy substrate. These panels are available in 0032 Bianco Kos and 0720 Nero Ingo and feature FENIX NTM on both sides. Its ultra-matte finish and anti-fingerprint properties ensure that your cabinets always appear clean and pristine.

4. Lots of natural light

Natural light is a precious commodity in apartment living, and European design trends emphasise the importance of maximising it. To complement this trend, it's essential to use materials that contrast beautifully with the influx of light. FENIX NTM 0720 Nero Ingo, with its deep, ultra-matte black finish, creates a striking contrast against the natural light, making your apartment space feel even more vibrant and inviting. Here is a beautiful example of maximising light and views while making the kitchen warm and welcoming.

5. Use of raw and recycled materials contrasted by Earthy Colours

European apartments are embracing a more rustic and environmentally conscious approach, using raw and recycled materials alongside earthy colours. FENIX NTM 0717 Castoro Ottawa fits perfectly within this theme. This earthy, warm colour adds a touch of sophistication and evokes a sense of naturalness that complements the use of raw, recycled, and sustainable materials in the apartment's design.

6. Compact studies and office areas

As remote work and home offices become increasingly prevalent, compact studies and office areas are essential in apartment design. To maintain a clean and uncluttered look, premium cabinetry that conceals office desks and working areas is crucial. Look at this FENIX NTM 0724 Grigio Bromo concealed study that offers a sleek, modern look and blends seamlessly with the rest of the apartment, hiding the office space when it's not in use.

Incorporating these European apartment trends into New Zealand's interior design scene can bring a touch of contemporary chic to your living space. FENIX New Zealand's colour range, with its rich palette and innovative features, provides the ideal canvas to embrace these trends while creating stylish and functional apartment interiors. Stay ahead of the curve and elevate your apartment designs with these exciting European-inspired trends in 2024.

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