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A Company’s Commitment to Building a Safe and Sustainable Future

In the ever-evolving world of architecture, it is important to innovate as well as commit to safety, environmental stewardship, and a sustainable future for the generations to come. APT is rooted in the values of authenticity, innovation, collaboration, and a focus on delivering elegant simplicity, and they try to lead the way in ensuring that their fabricator and joiner network can work safely and with confidence while protecting New Zealand’s environment for generations to come.

Silica-free for everyone’s safety

Safety has always been a top priority for APT. The company is proud to source only 100% silica-free products, prioritising the wellbeing of fabricators, friends, and families. This dedication to safety extends beyond compliance — it’s about fostering an environment where creativity can thrive without compromising health. By choosing APT, fabricators can be confident that the materials they work with are both cutting-edge and safe and responsible.

Sourcing materials that are free of silica is not just a good business practice; it is essential for protecting the health and safety of workers, consumers, and the wider community. It also demonstrates a commitment to ethical and responsible business practices, ensures compliance with upcoming regulations and avoids potential legal repercussions.

APT Tiaki Initiative: Nurturing nature

At the heart of APT’s values lies a deep respect for the environment. The APT Tiaki initiative, a testament to this commitment, has funded the planting and protection of over 12,000 native trees across New Zealand in partnership with the NZ Native Forest Restoration Trust. This initiative goes beyond offsetting carbon emissions and getting a stamp; it’s a tangible investment in the country’s natural beauty and biodiversity. APT believes that by taking care of the land, we are ensuring a vibrant and sustainable future for New Zealand.

“Tiaki,” a Te Reo Maori term meaning “to care for, guard, and protect,” embodies the essence of APT’s environmental efforts. By actively participating in the preservation of native flora, APT is not only aligning with New Zealand’s cultural values but also creating a positive impact on the nation’s ecological well-being.

FENIX: A carbon-neutral innovation

In the pursuit of innovation and environmental responsibility, APT proudly distributes FENIX, a carbon-neutral product. FENIX not only represents cutting-edge technology and design but also reflects APT’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint. As a carbon-neutral product, FENIX goes beyond meeting industry standards; it sets a new benchmark for sustainability in architectural materials.

Collaborative innovation: APT’s recipe for success

APT’s success is rooted in the collaborative spirit that defines the company’s values. By working together with fabricators, joiners, and specifiers, APT aims to create a community that values both excellence in design and environmental responsibility. This collaborative approach not only enhances the quality of APT’s products but also strengthens the company’s commitment to a better, more sustainable future.

In 2023, the company introduced the APT Innovation in Design Awards. With a staggering 113 entries in its first year, APT reaffirms its commitment to innovation, celebrating and empowering specifiers who push boundaries and embrace design boldness.

In conclusion, Architectural Products and Technologies is not just a provider of architectural solutions; it is a torchbearer for a new era of responsible design and manufacturing. Through its dedication to safety, environmental conservation, and continuous improvement, APT is shaping a future where elegance and sustainability go hand in hand, leaving a legacy of innovation and care for generations to come.

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A Company’s Commitment to Building a Safe and Sustainable Future
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