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A Time-saving Permanent Formwork System with a Low Maintenance Finish

AFS Rediwall is a time-saving PVC permanent formwork system that offers a smart alternative to conventional masonry and blockwork. Rediwall features unique lightweight panels which click and slide together, creating a formwork system. Once panels are installed, reinforcing is added and concrete is poured to create a solid concrete load bearing wall with an attractive, low maintenance wall surface.

Keeping maintenance to a minimum

The PVC finish of the AFS Rediwall system ensures excellent long term durability, making it ideal for common areas such as basements, and lift and stair cores. In interior applications, Rediwall doesn’t require any additional finishing, strapping or lining, making it an extremely low maintenance option.

“The PVC is a durable finish. You can keep it as is with no additional work, or you do have the option to paint it if there’s a particular look required,” explains Ricardo Beatson, AFS. “It gives a durable finish, and requires little to no maintenance throughout the life of the building.”

The system can also be used for exterior applications, such as retaining and landscaping walls, where a plaster finish and paint coat is applied to protect from UV.

Brightening low-light interiors

The semi-gloss surface of the PVC formwork can help brighten low-light areas such as basements without additional finishing. In a recent basement project in Mission Bay, the clients’ choice to leave the Rediwall unfinished resulted in a brighter, lighter space.

“The Rediwall helped reflected the light in the basement — there's a noticeable difference compared to concrete block walls," says Ricardo. “That reflective finish of Rediwall is another benefit over traditional blockwork.”

Saving time on site

Rediwall’s light weight and simple installation method saves significant time on site to help keep projects on track. The system is delivered to size, with panels ready to snap or slide into place without the need for specialised training or trades. Once braced and core filled, a robust formwork system with a clean and even wall surface is achieved — all in minimal time compared to traditional blockwork systems.

“Rediwall is up to two times faster to install than blockwork, and that’s a huge benefit for building,” says Ricardo. “It's all hand installed so you’re not dealing with heavy blocks, instead it’s a light PVC formwork.”

Ultimately, Rediwall provides an easy to install, low maintenance and attractive wall solution that will stand the test of time.

To learn more about Rediwall, contact AFS.

View more information on AFS New Zealand, including contact details.
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