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Achieve Thinner Intertenancy Walls with Logicwall

AFS Logicwall is a space-saving intertenancy wall solution suitable for apartments, terraced housing and other multi-residential projects. The system is available in wall thicknesses as low as 162mm, enabling architects to maximise space while ensuring a more efficient build. With current lead times of just 8 – 10 weeks, AFS Logicwall is a smart and dependable choice for keeping apartment projects on track.

How does the AFS Logicwall intertenancy system work?

The AFS Logicwall system features a steel stud frame sandwiched between CSR Cemintel fibre cement sheets. This system is installed on site by AFS installers and core-filled with concrete, producing a NZS3101-compliant intertenancy wall with a 240-minute fire rating and an STC rating up to 62 — with higher acoustic ratings possible with additional treatment. The system eliminates the need for strapping and lining, with the outer sheets ready to be plastered and finished, resulting in a slimmer intertenancy wall.

How much space can the AFS Logicwall intertenancy system save?

AFS Logicwall is available in wall thicknesses of 162mm, 200mm and 262mm, depending on project requirements. The system can reduce the wall’s footprint by up to 40%, and in some cases Logicwall can also reduce the need for steel portals or concrete columns, giving architects greater freedom in their designs and a clear design space without additional structural elements that need to be designed around.

Josh Hamilton, General Manager, AFS, discusses two recent projects where AFS Logicwall helped maximise liveable space:

“We had a recent project where a developer was building seven units designed in a traditional masonry system with strapping and lining, with two designed to be larger, and five smaller. The space he gained by using Logicwall allowed him to increase all units to the larger size, ” explains Josh. “And on another project, by changing from a more traditional intertenancy system to Logicwall, the developer gained enough space across the length of the building they were able to fit an extra unit in.”

How can AFS Logicwall reduce construction time?

AFS Logicwall contributes to time savings and efficiency on site through speed of installation and reduction of trades needed. The light weight of the prefabricated system makes it easy to manoeuvre on tight sites and quick and easy to install — up to two times faster than blockwork. With the AFS team managing the install by hand, cranes are freed up for use on other elements of the project. And as the system removes the need to strap and line walls, the number of trades required is reduced, resulting in a more efficient build.

What support does AFS offer architects?

The AFS team supports architects to ensure a smooth design and consent process. “We partner with the architect right from the start, developing a detailed design through to consenting and offer them as much support as they need with specification, project specific details and technical information,” explains Josh. “And by doing all shop drawings in-house and managing install, we can give architects confidence that they’re not specifying a product that the builder then has to work out themselves onsite.”

With short lead times and full control over the installation process, AFS can work with architects and builders to meet tight construction programmes, delivering space-saving intertenancy walls that tick all the boxes for fire, acoustic and structural compliance.

To learn more about the Logicwall system, contact AFS New Zealand.

View more information on AFS New Zealand, including contact details.
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