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March 2011

Acoustic & Thermal Insulation for High Density Temporary Housing

As identified in two Marshall Day test report predictions for standard timber wall stud & steel framed walls, Bradford Gold provide solutions where noise will be an issue. This compliments the high R-value performance for minimum thickness of our standard glasswool insulation range.

Bradford Gold is a highly effective insulator. Made from the world’s most popular insulation material – Glasswool. It is manufactured by spinning molten glass into a matrix of extremely fine fibres, which trap millions of tiny pockets of air. Increasing the thickness or density of the insulation increases the resistance to the flow of heat, measured by the product R-Value.

Bradford Gold insulation products have been developed to make installation easy. The fine fibres make them soft and easy to handle and they come in a range to suit the standard frame sizes used in New Zealand. Bradford Gold wall insulation is specially stiffened and treated with a water repellent to ensure the maximum protection for the home.

Bradford Gold Glasswool can retain higher R-Values for minimal thickness compared to other non Glasswool products on the market due to a low Thermal Conductivity. Example Bradford Gold has a R2.8wall at a 90mm thick and an R5.0 ceiling at 210mm thick.

Home energy use is one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Reducing your consumption of energy for heating and cooling, by installing Bradford Gold High Performance insulation, is a positive action which is environmentally responsible. In fact Bradford Gold insulation can save 12 times more energy each year than is used in its manufacture. Bradford Gold insulation contains up to 80% recycled glass, which contributes to energy savings in manufacture and reduced landfill.

Bradford has Environmental Choice certification for all products that fall under the category EC-25-04 for Building Insulants.

All Bradford products are manufactured to stringent standards and meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4859.1 and carry BRANZ certification so they can be used in any home to meet the New Zealand building regulations. And they come with a lifetime guarantee backed by CSR – one of Australasia’s oldest and largest building materials companies.

Bradford Gold High Performance Ceiling insulation boasts R-Values of R5.0 and R6.0, the highest level of single layered insulation available, offering more design solutions for homes.

Best possible fire rating - 4 Zero Bradford Gold insulation achieves 0 for ignitability, 0 for spread of flame, 0 for smoke developed and 0 for heat evolved when tested to AS1530.3. These are the best possible ratings. Bradford insulation will not burn and can hinder the spread of flame. Bradford Gold is classed as non – combustible.

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