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Bradford Acoustic Gold Insulation

Bradford Acoustic Gold is a resilient and compressible insulation manufactured from the controlled felting of glasswool bonded with a thermosetting resin.
Bradford Acoustic Gold will provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation in the home. It is specially treated with a water repellent to increase the ability to repel water and gives added protection to internal walls from water damage.

Key Features
  • High NRC value
  • Both R1.8 and R2.2 available
  • Easy to cut and install


Acoustic Insulation
Scope of Use
  • Internal residential walls requiring acoustic insulation
  • Reduces noise transfer between rooms, perfect for family homes or home offices
Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
Specification Clause/Guide
Easy Product Guide
Product Brochure

Bradford Insulation is a leading supplier for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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