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December 2012

3M DI-NOC Finishes Used to Create Work of Art

Fodera created this work using 3M DI-NOC Finishes formed onto routered panels, and is a wonderful example of how creativity combined with 3M DI-NOC finishes and Fodera’s production techniques can result in pieces that can be unique or consistently repeatable.

Fodera used 3M DI-NOC Finishes to create a combination of traditional and modern finishes that fuse together to represent the local environment. Fodera has done such a great job that it is possible to believe the panel was hand-carved.

The warm wood grain of the DI-NOC finish WG-254 is interspersed with the off-white PS-959 on the main feature wall to create highlights, while the wood theme is continued into the overhead beams that are also covered in DI-NOC Finishes. This technique creates the illusion of density in lightweight materials, making DI-NOC finishes perfect for ceilings, elevators and decorative walls and panels.

It’s easy to see the difference between DI-NOC finishes and other laminated surfaces, as DI-NOC Finishes can be wrapped around corners to create the appearance of a seamless substrate, with grain patterns running in a single direction. Laminates normally have an edging and could have wood grains running at perpendicular angles between surfaces.

Fodera also used DI-NOC Finish solid colour off-white formed to create the water-ripple-over-sand effect on the front panel on the serving counter.

Capitol Signs created wall graphics using 3M IJ40 Digital Print finish with matte overlaminate and 3M Dusted Crystal Glass Finishes to enhance the environment and complement the DI-NOC Finishes.

Project: Carl’s Junior Restaurant, Lincoln Road, Henderson, Auckland
Client: Carl’s Junior Restaurant
Designer: Fodera
3M Materials used: DI-NOC Finishes Wood Grain WG-254 and Solid Colour PS-959; 7725 Dusted Crystal Glass Finish; IJ40 Digital Wall Graphic Finish
3M Authorised Distributor of 3M DI-NOC: LOFTHQ


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