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Oztech Systems Optimise Outdoor Living Areas

When it comes to high-density housing, one of the largest struggles developers and consumers have is the outdoor living area. In order to create an ideal space within a minimal area, some basic parameters need to be addressed: privacy, acoustic absorption, aesthetics, and adaptability.

For most situations, a completely enclosed room can take away from the desired open-air feel. The optimal solution is to have full automated control of the outdoor living space. An Oztech system can allow for the roof to be closed to provide both sun shelter and privacy, whilst retaining natural light through the translucent roof. With the addition of automated roller screen sides, a completely flexible enclosure can be achieved whilst retaining air flow and natural light.

An issue with high-density housing is the high levels of acoustic disruption caused by the lack of natural sound absorption such as ground cover and foliage. In order to allow large volumes of light into smaller dwellings, large windows are used. Whilst this is necessary for the interior of the house, it does no justice to outdoor areas, and can cause a large increase in reverberation time, echoing and sound reflection. When these factors are combined with excessive noise, an outdoor area can become unusable. One of the great advantages of an Oztech system is the fabric membrane which allows for sound absorption for the covered outdoor space. The Oztech system has a minimal amount of exposed aluminium, decreasing reflection and reverberation. When complemented by vertical fabric screens this can create an optimal acoustic retreat for relaxation and entertaining.

Aesthetically, it is important to have an open, clear area that is free from obstruction. With the Oztech system, when the skin is retracted it is completely open, allowing for ventilation and natural light. When the Oztech system is extended, the Serge Ferrari 502s2 PVC allows for light transmission of 19%, whilst completely blocking all UVA and UVB rays. This results in ambient, diffused lighting across the entire outdoor space.

The largest complication of outdoor areas in high-density housing is the space. Ideally there would be both a covered and uncovered outdoor area. This is where the demand for the fully retractable system Oztech originated. The system's purpose is to optimise an area through the transformation of a covered area into an open one and vice versa. When extended, the Oztech system is 100% waterproof and has the capacity to withstand 117kmph wind. Together the built-in LED lights with the ability to completely seal an area, an outdoor dining or living room is created for year round use, no matter the weather.

An Oztech system can truly create a unique area, suitable for the modern home. All possible aspects of design have been considered in order to provide an effective, stylish, distinct system which will allow for countless hours of use for previously unviable spaces.

To learn more about the system and how it can transform any area, please contact W Wiggins.

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