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Three Innovative Ways Glass Can Enhance Bathroom Design

Glass in bathrooms is no longer confined to the shower and mirrors. Glass innovations are, in fact, changing the way the space can be used, the practicality of that use, and looking damn good in the process.

1. Changing the Way the Space is Used

From a design perspective, the bathroom can be one of the hardest spaces to design while maintaining light, space and utility. With more decorative privacy options available than ever, large external panels of glass are a great option for getting that natural light into the space to start with. Once that light is in, letting that through the space can be achieved with the use of frameless glass doors and mirrors.

An amazing new innovation in the sliding door space is the Euroglass Tenza. The Euroglass Tenza is a sliding door system that can be braced between two walls spanning up to 3m, supporting the glass with no extra posts or ceiling bracing. The Euroglass Tenza is sleek with all moving parts encased in a slimline rail. This opens up great possibilities for partitioning small spaces such as toilets and showers from the main part of the room while maintaining a simple clean line aesthetic.

2. Endless Decorative Design Opportunities

Glass is a versatile product when it comes to adding decorative elements to bathrooms. Patterned etched glass can offer subtle detail with light diffusion or a punchy visual feature when back painted.

Another rising trend is the use of digital printed glass for entire walls or panels; this can be printed with decorative patterns or photos of natural products like marble, slate or concrete.

3. Practically Amazing

Nobody likes cleaning. Glass means long term low maintenance, which sits well with most people. Unlike using real natural products like marble, glass wipes clean every time, meaning no marble dark shadows after five years.

Viridian's Timeless shower glass is also an example of the latest practical innovations in glass. Timeless glass has a water repellent coating applied to the glass as it is being made which reduces calcification and build-up on the shower. Unlike other aftercare products, Timeless coating is super clear and guaranteed for 10 years. This means lasting, beautiful designed spaces can be practical and stay beautiful.

See the Euroglass Tenza product page

For more ideas on the latest glass innovations, visit the Euroglass Creative Architectural Studio at 76 Glad Stone Road, Parnell, Auckland.

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