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Energy-Efficient Glazing with Low-E Glass

All new residential builds are required to achieve a minimum energy performance as part of meeting the New Zealand Building Code. If energy-efficient choices are made at the construction stage, then the building will be cheaper to run over its lifetime.

By choosing energy-efficient options, such as installing low-E glass in double-glazed windows, homeowners could save up to 35% on their heating bills. Having low-E glass ensures that heat is reflected into the building instead of escaping outside. Viridian Glass is an advocate of using glass and window systems that exceed the minimum energy savings, as this lowers the overall cost of running a household.

There are different types and variations of glass, including combinations of double-glazed units, each type has its purpose. One of the best and most used energy-efficient double-glazed glasses for homes is Viridian LightBridge Glass. This glass option is clearer than standard glass and its clear low-E coating ensures occupants are warm all year-round.

Many occupants also want a balance between keeping out excess heat in summer and locking in warmth during the colder months. To achieve this, Viridian Glass would recommend using PerformaTech 206. This low-E glass option offers solar control as well as Low-E glass all within the same pane. This means that it can be paired with other solutions that address security, acoustics and fading.

Viridian Glass has designed a very simple online tool, that architects, specifiers and homeowners can use to find the right glazing solution to create the perfect home environment.

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