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Why Specify the VB20 Ventilated Batten?

Woodhams Meikle Zhan Architects (WMZA) specialise in the design of retail, commercial, industrial and large-scale residential projects in New Zealand and internationally. With a strong focus on commercial buildings, it's important that the materials used are high-performing, low maintenance and backed by long-term warranties.

For skillion roof ventilation, WMZA regularly turns to VENT’s VB20 Ventilated Batten — a durable purlin cavity batten that enables unimpeded passive airflow through the roof cavity, eliminating the risk of condensation.

“We’ve specified the VB20 for industrial jobs, big distribution centres, shopping centres and office buildings,” says Steve Mark, Director, WMZA. “It’s a very good system for providing airflow through skillion roofs which are notoriously risky for condensation.”

What sets the VENT VB20 apart from other systems is its structure, durability and ease of installation. “It’s got a honeycomb appearance to the batten which gives it more strength,” explains Steve. “It’s very good when we need to fix through sheet metal or roll formed roofing and you want to have it as straight as you can.”

And for commercially-focused architects like WMZA, the fact that the VB20 is backed by a 30-year warranty — double the NZBC’s 15-year durability requirement for roofs — is another critical advantage.

The VB20 Ventilation Batten is easy to install, with 1800mm lengths and a convenient peel-off adhesive backing that eliminates the need for nails or glue. It has also been tested to exceed foot traffic weight requirements on the roof above when used as a purlin batten. “The contractors like it because of the strength and easy to stick down system,” says Steve. ”It takes good traffic, and there are no dips, which is very important,”

The VENT VB20 is now also available as a BRANZ Appraised Wall Batten — a new option which WMZA have already specified on a few projects including shopping centres and high parapet facade walls. “It appears to be equally as good as using on the roof, strong, with longer fixings, and we know that it's pretty popular already,” says Steve.

The success of the VB20, from specification and installation through to end-performance, has given Steve the peace of mind to specify the system on more roofs going forward. “We like using it in our projects because it's got a 30-year warranty, it requires no maintenance and it's got a BRANZ appraisal,” he says. “We know it provides us with a good underbase for our roofing and is extremely good for ventilation cavity airflow. We’ll be specifying it more often in the future.”

To find out more about the VB20, contact VENT.

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