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Effective Passive Ventilation for 15 - 30 Degree Roof Pitches

Vent's two-part passive ventilation system for cold roof pitches of 15 - 30º is designed to ensure continuous cross airflow through the roof cavity. By incorporating the system into the design of a 15 - 30 degree roof, internal moisture is reduced which can in turn minimise related building issues such as damp, mould and structural decay.

The first component of the system is the Over Fascia Vent - G1200N. Installed to the top of the fascia board, the Over Fascia Vent discreetly ensures a positive airflow of 10,000mm² per linear metre into the roof space between the roof underlay and the fascia.

The second component of the system, the Roll Panel Vent, is then applied over the trusses to create a guaranteed space of 50mm between the underlay and the insulation. This ensures that the airflow can pass unimpeded through the roof cavity and above the thermal envelope of the building. Any condensation forming on the underside of the roof underlay has no contact with the insulation and will be removed by the airflow.

For projects with profiled tiles or steel roof cladding, Vent also recommends the addition of the Eaves Comb Filler to prevent the entry of birds and large insects beneath tiles, while still achieving adequate airflow.

This simple yet effective product combination achieves sufficient calculated ventilation to mitigate the risks of internal moisture in the roof cavity. It is easy to install, cost-effective and requires no post-installation maintenance, simply using fresh air to work passively.

"The Vent range of products are currently the only products on the market that have a proven history of use, will prevent the ingress of any insects and provide calculated airflow through the roof cavity," explains James Johnston, Commercial Manager of Vent.

Vent's full range of products includes a series of passive ventilation systems designed to suit the ventilation requirements of different cold roof pitches. Based on international best practice, the systems have been proven to reduce internal moisture in roof cavities.

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