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Flat Roofs No Obstacle with VELUX

VELUX offers a range of products designed especially for low pitched roofs; suitable right down to 0 degrees. With this low-pitch range of products, homeowners can say goodbye to lacklustre light due to covered patios and hello to light flooding through recent extensions, and with the multitude of BRANZ appraised installation methods in the VELUX range, the process simple and easy.

Adding an extension creates a larger footprint in homes, giving homeowners more space and increasing the value of the property, however, it can create the problem of not getting enough light to the existing portion of the home. To combat this, a bank of skylights can be used to not only let the light pour in, filling the darker corners with brilliant daylight, but also add a design element to enhance the new living area.

Covered patios are fantastic for an all-weather outdoor living space, but they also reduce the amount of light let into the main area of the home. Skylights installed above the patio will increase the light indoors without reducing usability in questionable weather. Having a covered well-lit extension to the main living area that brings the comfort of the indoors with the ambience of a back yard will create a fantastic year-round addition to any home.

VELUX has gained BRANZ accreditation for the use of custom flashings alongside their skylights to make the installation process even easier. This broadens the options for modern flat roofs while allowing for a trusted BRANZ appraised installation method.

With a range of products for low pitched roofs offering 11 Fixed skylights, 6 Manual and 7 Solar sizes, there is no excuse to live in the dark. To let the daylight in, call VELUX today on 0800 650 445, or visit their website to see the full range.

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