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Thermagenius: Hot Water For a Third of the Energy

The integral outdoor hot water heat pump extracts renewable energy stored in the air to heat water.  Unlike solar water heating systems, it is less dependent on the weather and operates throughout the year even during long winter nights.  It is extremely efficient, resulting in a short payback period.

To test the product's performance, LEAP has studied the energy use in the home of their Product and Quality Manager.  The home houses two adults, a teenager and two kids under five, with hot water being used for dishes (plus a dishwasher), showers and the morning preparations.  The showers are around five minutes long and the water nozzles have restrictions to halve the water consumption over normal pressure. There is also a brand new hot water cylinder with high quality insulation. 

On a regular workday the home uses 8.47 units of electricity to heat water.  Assuming the hot water usage remains constant and that the average energy cost remains at 28.5 cents per kilowatt, the household spends $881 a year on hot water heating.

The Thermagenius heat pump water heating unit uses less than a third of the electricity, yet produces more heating than a standard 3kW electric element. Assuming that this ‘coefficient of performance’ remains constant, then the Thermagenius would save this particular house $638 a year.  With an installed price of roughly $5700, the payback period is just under nine years.  With more adults, and in a family less water conscious, this payback period will keep dropping.

The unit has a Watermark, and has an expected life in excess of 15 years.  The hot water cylinder inside the unit is enamel-lined and the heat exchanger (moves heat from the heat pump to the water) is built into the cylinder wall instead of inside the cylinder.  This completely eliminates any risk of galvanic corrosion and possible contamination of your water.

How would your client’s house measure up?  If they do hot water laundry, if their showers are full pressure or if they have more showers or have baths as well, then their payback period would be even shorter.

The Thermagenius is quiet (52db(A) at 3m), uses around a third of the power of an electric hot water heater and by going outside it saves a whole bunch of storage space (LEAP also offers an indoor model suitable for garages).  This also makes it easy to convert from on-demand gas.  It’s good for your wallet and it’s good for the environment.  Contact the team at LEAP for more information on how clients can meet their energy demands in the most cost-efficient way.

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