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Creative Solutions to Common Problems

Solutionology is the artful science of advanced problem solving, a by-product of resourceful ingenuity located at the intersection of critical thinking and creative reasoning, and occurs when someone feels so strongly that the answer to a problem is out there, that they will not rest until a solution is found.

Spectrum believe that continuity in supply and constant improvement can only exist when you have the right mix of people, skills, and experience coupled with great client-supplier relationships.

Spectrum’s Architectural Metalwork Technical Team — the often-silent contributors to successful product development and project completion — provide end-to-end technical support and guidance starting with their sales team who have come from both industry and architectural backgrounds, and that means a strong understanding of all aspects of the job.

Peer reviewing of estimates and early-stage documentation allows the team to capture any irregularities in the planning stages, and when these are identified the extended team can be called upon for additional guidance as required.

An online document repository and Masterspec gives registered users access to an extensive range of technical resource materials, produce statements, sales collateral and brochures, and general support documentation.

Ensuring the expectations of the client are aligned with the standard product supplied by Spectrum is achieved by early drawing reviews. This service will often result in guidance to the client around product fixings and best practice for installation.

Occasionally the solution is not going to come straight out of the box, and when this happens Spectrum's sales, design and engineering teams will work alongside the client to develop a custom, or customised version of an existing product solution. With both product design specialists and design engineers on staff, the technical aspects of helping to create custom solutions are easily handled in-house, saving the client significant development time.

As a business that embraces new technology, the use of 3D scanning tools to create high resolution point clouds for importing into their design software improves accuracy, and the high-speed solution ensures faster results for the client.

Saving time is also achieved by providing generic Producer Statements, and when these time savings can be around two to four weeks, they become invaluable to Spectrum clients. Of course, generic PS1’s are not always the solution and site-specific documentation can be created where necessary.

Spectrum is proud to have a great team of Solutionologists to help drive their clients’ projects and dreams from an initial idea through to the installed solution.

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