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Future-proofing Homes for Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic systems are becoming more popular with homeowners as the technology matures and the price becomes more economical.

The Solarvolt Solar Power System by LEAP is a very simple system with no moving parts, which means less parts will break down over time. This is the main advantage of Solar PV.

LEAP also sells a 'grid tied' Solar PV kitset that includes NHP Q Cell solar panels that are guaranteed to provide 80% of their output after 20 years of operation. This has been proven by panels built in the 1970s which are still going strong. With forty years of technological improvement, this 80% guarantee is obviously a conservative minimum performance. Depending on the way the power is used (i.e. selling to the grid and buying back), the payback can be from 8 to 11 years.

The cost may be an issue for some homeowners but this is where LEAP's Solar Ready kit offers a solution: a homeowner who maybe cannot afford a PV system right now can future-proof their home and add value for resale by making it Solar PV-ready.

By installing the inverter shell and wiring in the walls, the next step is simply to install the panels on the roof, plug into the existing wiring, click in the actual inverter into the shell and the system is ready to go. Either way, it is worth considering making a home 'solar ready' before cladding as the next person who buys the house will pay extra for the 'solar ready' installation.

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