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November 2011

A Rock Solid Shower Seat for the Healthcare Sector

With the need for patients to shower in comfort and safety, the HL-995 is the superior choice for a healthcare project.

The fold down front leg support system was designed to provide the utmost stability for a patient with limited mobility and spread the load, providing less stress on fixings into the wall. The stainless steel frame is durable and smooth folding, making it effortless for patients and staff alike to fold down and fold up. The seat folds away to such an extent that much more room to manoeuvre within the space is created; the seat is completely out of the way.

The seat top has comfort and durability at the forefront of its design. It is produced from compact laminate, a solid 13mm thick laminate product with excellent durability for wear and tear. Compact laminate provides a warm surface, unlike traditional seats made from cold steel, which makes it a comfortable seat for patients to sit on. All of the edges are radiused and smooth, reducing the likelihood of injury to the patient significantly. Using compact laminate also reduces the weight of the seat by 30%, making it a far easier seat to handle.

The HL-995 is not only suitable for healthcare projects, but any other project where a shower seat is required. More benefits include:

  • The cost of the seat is extremely competitive, costing the same or in most cases is more affordable than seats with the no support legs.
  • The seat tops are manufactured by Hale Manufacturing in New Zealand.
  • The HL-995 is able to be fixed to toilet and shower partition divisional panels.
  • Hale offer alternative colour selection – with the ability to have the same colour that is used in their multipurpose, structural board and freestyle toilet and shower partition systems.
  • Offering of customising the design of the seat top.
  • Hale supply and install where required.

View a product detail.

View more information on Hale Manufacturing, including contact details.
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