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December 2012

Save on Energy Bills Each Month with Solar Water Heating

The Solargenius solar water heating system by LEAP was tested on the world scale in the 2011 Solar Decathlon, as the only team ever from the southern hemisphere competed against teams from around the world to create a solar-powered home. The Meridian First Light House featured both evacuated tubes for solar water heating and photovoltaic panels to demonstrate the true power and energy of the sun, while incorporating the alternative technology into a modern, architecturally designed home.

The team placed first in the hot water competition, showing that solar water heating is now a viable and smart option for many homes. It was also interesting to note that most of the competition was held in cloudy or overcast weather.

Available in combinations starting from 10 tubes up, a Solargenius system can save you up to 75 per cent of your regular water heating cost and the payback period is surprisingly affordable. LEAP also offers a free design service to show you how this and other water systems could work in any home.

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