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Smart Plumbing Solution for Innovative Wooden Building

One of the most exciting developments in architecture is the resurgence of timber and the innovative construction of tall wooden buildings. Timber construction has significant advantages, particularly for the environment, as it is a strong and renewable material, and it reduces biodiversity loss. It is more sustainable in terms of embodied energy and greenhouse gas emissions than concrete or steel and provides opportunities for climate change mitigation through a process of carbon sequestration.

The construction of timber buildings presents many unique challenges, one of which is the need to limit core drilling as it may compromise or degrade the integrity of the wooden structure. This is the challenge that a recent client faced when they wanted to install coffee bars and kitchenettes in their brand-new wooden building.

When the hydraulic engineering team were consulted about this exciting project, they recommended the developer design each floor of the multi-storey timber building to accommodate the individual client’s preferred kitchen location. As these were leased spaces, the various lessee businesses had different amenity requirements. To achieve each of the desired wet areas, traditional plumbing was not possible as the timber building had limited core drilling capacity. Instead, a creative plumbing solution was needed.

Saniflo SFA's Sanicom 2 was able to achieve these desired wet areas and had the added benefit of offering unparalleled design flexibility, and useful cost savings. This allowed each level of the building to have their kitchenette and coffee bars in whichever location suited their needs.

Having worked with Saniflo SFA on many previous projects, the hydraulic engineering team knew the Saniflo SFA products would facilitate design flexibility and save costs in some areas. The solution was simple. The hydraulic engineering team built in the basic plumbing lines allowing each lessee business to locate bathroom, kitchen or toilet facilities wherever they chose.

The result is an architecturally impressive and practical multi-storey timber building, complete with all desired amenities.

"The Hydraulic engineers and architects specified the pumps to be used when designing the building, as they allowed the design flexibility of putting kitchenettes wherever the clients required. They chose Saniflo SFA as they knew from past experience across many projects, that it is a reliable, quality product.’ — Project Engineer at Mr Water Plumbing Services.

Key benefits of the Sanicom 2:

  • This mid-sized commercial grey water pump is designed to handle higher temperatures and a higher flow rate. Temperatures between 35°C and 90°C can be accepted.
  • Pumps up to 8m vertically, 100m horizontally, or lesser combinations of both.
  • Allows the installation of multiple sinks, coffee stations, commercial kitchens, dishwashers, glasswashers, washing machines bath and shower.
  • Reliable dual motor, for continuity of service.
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