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ReTread: An Ideal Outdoor Solution for Entrance Matting

Advance Flooring offers a comprehensive selection of entrance matting and critically these systems have been designed and made in New Zealand for our unique weather conditions. Water absorbency in interior mats is critical and many of Advance Flooring's Entrance Matting systems: CoralTread/ExtraTread/Shuttle and Axis, utilise "Zeno Protect Excellence" infill’s; a highly absorbent polyamide fibre which ensures optimum performance.

The water trapping capability of this fibre presented a challenge; when the mats are used in exterior or exposed locations, they trap moisture so successfully from the elements that on a fine day they can still be wet, meaning people can then track unnecessary moisture inside.  This lead to Advance Flooring developing a brand new solution — ReTread.

ReTread is an attractive aluminium strip mat that utilises an intense wear/non-absorbent recycled rubber infill strip that is 100% PVC free.  ReTread reduces the amount of dirt, grit and leaves entering a building but will not become a water-trap.

There is a choice of 3 colours for the infill strip and the aluminium can be powder coated or anodised to any colour to suit any design. ReTread can be used in all intense wear entrances such as hotels, airports, shopping malls and public buildings.

People entering a building do not often stop and wipe their feet so it's important that an entrance mat is long enough to ensure there are enough contacts between the entry matting and the soles of shoes to minimise the amount of dirt carried into the building. The New Zealand Building Code's recommendation is that a mat should have a minimum dimension of 1.8m from front to back which allows for 2 contacts of each foot. Refer Acceptable Solution D1/AS1 Access Routes, Building Industry Authority.

Advance Flooring offers a free design service and full report on your entrance matting requirements detailing what will work best for you.  Request a ReTread sample.

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