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Neoflex Recycled Rubber

Neoflex commercial and recreational flooring is an environmentally friendly, homogeneous EPDM/recycled rubber floor covering for areas subject to heavy wear. This innovative surface is monolithic in construction, has excellent sound deadening properties and is made to last the life of its application.

Key Features
  • Environmentally Friendly - high percentage of recylced rubber; contains no substances that harm the environment. Halogen free, formaldehyde free and PVC free. Neoflex can be fully recycled and does not generate toxic substances at the end of its life.
  • Anti-Slip - Just like the soles of your shoes aor your car tyres neoflex offers excellent slip resistance naturally.
  • Versatile - Direction free rubber chips, in a variety of colours, allow for a wide variety of patterns and and expands the designers choice to express their creativity. 
  • Durable - Neoflex is made to last the life of an application without cracking or breaking. Neoflex can be installed in areas of heavy traffic (airports, public buildings, walkways, etc,) where the product will last for the intended life of the building.
  • Safe - Safety is the number one concern of commercial applications. With Neoflex you are compliant with excellent performance in slip resistance, fire behavior and smoke emission.
  • Sound absorbent - the use of highly flexible compounds ensures a high level of noise abatement.
  • Flexible, Resilient and Anti-Fatigue - Highest quality rubbers and compounds, offering a very high degree of comfort underfoot and anti-fatigue effect. 
  • Easy maintenance - Neoflex is finished with Rephouse proprietary polyurethane coating - FreshFinish. It is easily cleaned using conventional cleaning agents and methods.
NZ Made
NZ Made
Recyclable Content (Post-Consumer)
Post-Consumer Recyclable Content
Scope of Use

The durability, flexibility, safety, comfort, slip resistance and aesthetic appeal makes Neoflex the true perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor commercial flooring applications. Neoflex commercial flooring Exceeds ADA slip resistance requirements.

Applications: Offices, Healthcare Facilities, Educational Facilities, Retail, Institutional Facilities, Building Entrances, Stadia, Auditoria, Concert Halls, Cinemas, Pool Surrounds, Fitness Gyms, Changing Rooms, Waiting Rooms, Golf Facilities, Walkways, Exhibitions, etc

Limitations on Use

Neoflex being made from small granules of rubber is porous. Therefore Neoflex is not suited for use in applications such as bathrooms and commercial kitchens where eventually the dirt and grime enters the pores and is hard to remove and creates an odour.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

Comples with all Australian and New Zealand Building Code requirements, including Fire Safety EN ISO 9239-1 (2010).

In-Service History

Advance Flooring is proud to bring Rephouse Neoflex rubber flooring to the New Zealand market. Advance Flooring is a family owned and operated company bringing inspired commercial flooring solutions to New Zealand since 1976.

Rephouse is a premiere ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certified manufacturer of high quality resilient rubber flooring products suitable for the architectural, recreational and sports surfacing markets. It also manufactures rubber ballistic products for shooting ranges as well as modular & seamless polyurethane floors for equine applications. 

Founded in 1985, Neoflex Rubber Commercial Flooring is now well established in the global market with bespoke installations completed in schools, libraries, concert halls, exhibition galleries, office buildings, cinema complexes and more. Typical example projects are Casa da Música concert hall in Porto, Portugal; Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, UAE; Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia; MegaBox Shopping Mall in Hong Kong; Adidas Superstore, Herzogenaurach, Germany and lately the Brisbane International Airport in Australia. 

Other Performance Attributes

All Neoflex commercial and recreational rubber flooring product is made with materials that are not known to pose any hazard to the environment and to the people during the manufacturing and handling process. 

Neoflex is free of asbestos, free of halogens and free of PVC.

Test Results
Maintenance Instructions
Installation and Operation

Advance Flooring Systems are a manufacturer and supplier of specialist entrance matting systems, premium commercial carpet tiles from Tecsom and Voxflor, and premium rubber flooring from Rephouse.

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