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Shock-Absorbent, Easy-Clean Rubber Tiles the Perfect Choice for Porirua Gym

The Porirua gym chose Advance Flooring’s Premium Gym Tiles for their weight room, with REPtile in their main training studio, allowing them to tailor their floors to each room’s specific requirements.

"In the studios we do small group interval-style training," says Director Gerry Salmon. With 76 classes a week, each catering to 30–40 people, REVL needed a floor that would be shock-absorbent, durable and safe.

"The balance you are trying to get is shock absorption and protection when exercising, but not being too soft and unstable," says Salmon.

Choosing the 12mm dual-layer REPtile — also available in 15mm — offered them the ideal combination of softness and stability. REPtile is constructed from a 10mm soft compound rubber base, which gives it shock absorption for high-impact training, and a 2mm rubber top surface layer (bonded to the 10/13mm base) and designed to handle constant movement and friction of gym use.

Says Salmon, "It’s a new system for gyms, and it provides a perfect surface for the functional training we do." Ease of cleaning was another essential requirement. "REPtile has the 'Fresh Finish' surface seal on top, which means sweat and water don’t soak in. So it’s easy to mop between classes."

For the main weight room they chose Advance’s heavier 15mm Premium Gym Tile. These large, very dense, single-layer tiles were developed and engineered to provide a tough, sound-absorbing, vibration-free and comfortable surface for all gym applications.

Both REPtile and Premium Gym Tiles are designed to look good as well as perform; they are available in a wide range of colours; agility and functional zone markings can be inlaid, as well as logos, something REVL chose to do.

"Advance were nothing short of amazing," says Salmon. "With our design, they did mock-ups and sent us 3D images of what the gym would look like. The communication was brilliant."

Product: REPtile, Premium Gym Tile
Photographer: Simon Cartwright
Writer: Folio

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