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Plumb a Townhouse in One Day with REHAU PINC

REHAU was recently involved in the construction of a number of modular homes, each customised to suit the end client. While off-site construction enabled the homes to be built rapidly, the plumbing still needed to be installed on-site. By using the REHAU PINC system, plumbers were able keep up the pace, meeting the tight construction schedule for the homes.

REHAU PINC is an innovative new range of plumbing fittings that ensures fast installation and minimises tools on site, with only a pipe cutter required. The simple push-in-connect installation method provides a secure connection, while a fluorescent pink inspection ring on each fitting allows for easy visibility in the dark. The system is ideal for saving time on site while delivering the trusted performance REHAU is known for.

For these modular home projects, each house was built in an off-site manufacturing facility, with all holes to run the plumbing machined out ready for install. Each home was assembled on site in one working day, with the PG Plumbing and Gas team then coming in to install the plumbing. By using the REHAU PINC system they were able to install the plumbing for each home in just one day.

Paul Grubb, Director, PG Plumbing and Gasfitting found the system allowed his team to work much faster than with standard plumbing. “REHAU PINC allowed us to meet strict deadlines,” he says. “It was fast and easy to use even in tight areas due to it being modular.”

Paul also appreciated the quality that REHAU brought to the project. “Having the brand REHAU behind the work is a big tick,” he says.

With a range of 47 fittings suitable for use with REHAU PE-Xa 16 and 20mm hot or cold water pipes, REHAU PINC brings efficiency and ease to any plumbing project. The system is particularly suitable for install into prefabricated wall systems, where its modular nature makes it simple to accurately machine out holes ready for on-site install.

Fast install of the plumbing as part of the highly efficient construction programme meant other services could get to work earlier and the homes were complete faster — a huge advantage to the plumbers, contractors, developers, and of course the owners of these new homes. “We’re really happy with the result,” says Paul. “It met the time constraints and the guys were impressed at how fast and easy it was.”

To learn more about how PINC can save time on your project, contact REHAU.

Plumbing installation: PG Plumbing and Gasfitting

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