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PINC Push In Connect Plumbing System

REHAU PINC is a range of plumbing fittings with push connectivity for REHAU’s PE-Xa pipe, providing a secure connection along with faster installation in commercial and residential applications.

REHAU PINC connectors consist of 47 fittings, suitable for use with  PE-Xa 16 and 20mm hot or cold water pipes.

REHAU PINC is easy to work with in tight, dark spaces. A fluorescent pink inspection ring provides visible confirmation of a completed joint. 

The REHAU PINC fitting body is made of temperature and chemical resistant engineered polymer, and REHAU's signature highly dezincification resistant brass, and features two EPDM seal rings for extra security.

Key Features
  • Guide ring ensures smooth pipe insertion and provides visual confirmation of completed connection
  • Grab ring capable of holding up to 2.5tonnes of pull out force
  • Two sealing rings for extra security and enhanced leak tightness
  • Use the same REHAU RAUTITAN PE-Xa pipes, allowing you switch between push and compression technology for complete, trusted REHAU system
  • Quick easy installation — dark place friendly and requires only pipe cutters
  • REHAU engineered polymers and highly dezincification resistant brass
Scope of Use
  • Residential and commercial plumbing — ideal for multi residential or stand-alone housing applications
  • Suitable for use with REHAU RAUTITAN PE-Xa 16 or 20mm hot or cold water pipe
  • Ideal for installation into tight, dark spaces
  • Can be used in conjunction with REHAU’s compression sleeve technology with REHAU RAUTITAN PE-Xa pipe systems
Limitations on Use
  • Use only with REHAU RAUTITAN PE-Xa pipes SDR 7.4 (platinum, red, green and lilac);
  • Installation temperature — minimum: -5°C, maximum: 50°C
  • Do not use REHAU PINC in combination with RAUTITAN Stabil pipe, RAUTITAN gas Stabil pipe, RAUTITAN pink pipe or RAUTHERM S pipe for heating application, or any other pipe system
  • RAUTITAN pipe SDR7.4 max operating pressure 10 bar
  • Continuous operating temperature 70°C
  • Malfunction short term operating temperature 95°C  
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • NZS 2537.2:2011 (WaterMark Certificate 001412)
  • AS/NZS 4020: 2018
In-Service History

Founded in Germany 1948, REHAU has 20,000 employees, and 40 factories worldwide. REHAU first introduced PE-Xa pipes in Germany in 1972. This means REHAU has more than 49 years experience producing plumbing systems globally.

In 1987 REHAU revolutionised fitting connection technology when REHAU invented compression sleeve technology. Since then over 500 million fittings and 800 million sleeves have been installed around the world.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Stainless steel toothed grab ring capable of holding up to 2.5 tonnes pull-out force
  • Two sealing rings for extra security and enhanced leak tightness
  • REHAU engineered polymers and highly dezincification resistant brass
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REHAU a leading systems and service provider for polymer-based solutions in construction, automotive and industry.

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