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Toi Ohomai Charity House Uses New Technology to Create a Healthier Home

Carpentry students at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology are learning how to build healthier homes, creating draught-free environments with technology and techniques that can cut household heating costs by 80% or more. This year's charity house will also incorporate the same system, creating a healthy and comfortable home.

A blowerdoor test was recently carried out on a student-built project using the Pro Clima 'Intello'; a cabin under construction at Mokoia Campus.

"The test draws the air out to create a pressure difference, then calculates how many times per hour the air changes, just through gaps and cracks," says Simon Cator, Regional Sales Manager, Pro Clima NZ Ltd. "The students have installed a dedicated airtightness layer that will effectively stop warm air from escaping, making it more energy efficient."

Whereas a standard new build could register a result of up to 10 ACH (air changes per hour), the large campground cabin recorded 2.04 ACH. A similar result could be expected from this year's charity house.

"The outcome here is great for students using this product for the first time," says Simon. "These results are impressive and prove the students are gaining both new skills and an awareness of modern technology, making the house much easier to heat than an everyday new-build built to code minimum standards."

AJ Smith, Programme Area Lead - Carpentry and Electrical at Toi Ohomai agrees. "The benefits of the Pro Clima technology isn't just around airtightness, but also in improving the health of our families. By stopping condensation and moisture traveling through our walls and mould developing in our houses, there is a huge saving in terms of doctor's fees, combatting asthma and more."

Highlighting that an airtight check is part of building compliance in countries such as Germany, AJ has no doubt New Zealand will follow suit, and that learning this technology provides a "real advantage" to his students' learning.

"For me it is exciting to see the change taking place, knowing that this year's charity house will deliver these benefits to its buyers."

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