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How to Avoid Problematic Exterior Spaces in High-Density Residential Projects

Well designed and constructed exterior spaces are vital to the success of the development and the lifestyle of residents. Sadly, New Zealanders are all too familiar with the phrase 'Leaky Building Crisis'. The prolific problem has been caused by various construction defects from cracked concrete panels to exterior tiles being fixed directly onto the waterproof membrane.

This method of fixing tiles directly onto waterproof membrane may have seemed cost-effective in the short-term. However, rectifying damaged membranes is an extremely messy and costly business, and it's generally the apartment owners who are left to pay for remediation long after the builder and developer have left the building.

From shared rooftop decks to individual apartment balconies — what is the best way to build these valuable areas?

The QwickBuild system by local company Outdure, is a structural framework that fully resolves the issues around paving over waterproof membranes. Low-profile frames mean that valuable vertical space is maximised (especially at thresholds) and the 'floating' system design means zero membrane penetration. Importantly, pedestrian surfaces can be easily removed and reinstated should membrane/services inspection or rectification be required.

The modular design approach of the QwickBuild frames means the system is largely prefabricated in the factory, slashing installation time on site by up to 65%. QwickBuild is extremely versatile as it can also be installed over concrete and natural ground as a durable solution.

The versatile system is particularly popular for roof top deck spaces as it is designed to support decking, exterior tiles and turf which integrate using various hidden fasteners. QwickGrates ventilation and access grilles are also specified to ensure membrane health.

For more information, contact Outdure.

View more information on Outdure, including contact details.
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