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Tips for Adding Value When Designing an Outdoor Living Space

Indoor-outdoor flow is a key consideration when designing a deck area but it can be complicated to achieve a level transition.

It’s not just the decking boards, or what is referred to as the ‘deck surface’ that needs to be considered when creating an outdoor living space. What is equally as important is the deck structure or frame that supports the surface/s.

Traditionally decks are built with timber sub-frames but when factors such as height, moisture, speed, and durability are key, there are better options available.

Whether you choose hardwood timber or composite decking boards, attributes such as colour, texture, and sustainability are considered in addition to benefits such as longevity, value for money, ease of installation, and low maintenance.

You aren’t just limited to boards as a deck surface material either, innovative companies such as NZ-founded Outdure also offer exterior tiles and synthetic turf as ‘deck surfaces’ to maximise your outdoor living space.

All these deck surfaces can be installed using traditional methods but to easily achieve the aforementioned level transition between indoor flooring and the deck area, in many cases you need moisture-resistant support such as Outdure's versatile QwickBuild aluminium framing system which can be used in all types of deck projects and supports multiple deck surfaces.

The other part of decking that had been overlooked is how to accurately quantify the materials required. Outdure has made this easy with their leading Design and Price technology which not only helps visualise the surface/layout options but provides the optimum aluminium frame configuration for the deck height.

Outdure Deck Innovations:

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