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One-Stop Approach with Tekton Weatherization System

The Tekton Weatherization System offers peace of mind to stakeholders when dealing with wall underlays and window flashing tapes. The products are designed and manufactured by one supplier to integrate seamlessly and work as a system. It is used behind wall claddings to form a secondary weather resistant barrier.

Tekton Wall Underlay is a flexible underlay with exceptional tear strength and water holdout. Tekton is breathable yet repels water like Gortex, ensuring moisture cannot transfer to the frame. Tekton has the leading flammability index (zero) in the market. It can be used on gable ends and is UV stable for 90 days.

SUPER-STICK Building Tape is the preferred window flashing tape which is appraised to as low as -5ºC. It is super thin ensuring it doesn't create unwanted build-up and it comes with a split liner on the back to make installation easier. SUPER-STICK Building Tape doesn't have any adverse reactions with sealant or require any heat guns or primers to assist with adhesion and is also suitable with RAB systems.

Trade-Seals complement the system by sealing around any thru-wall penetrations formed by pipes or conduit. An EPDM collar fits around the pipe/conduit and the perimeter of the Trade-Seal has a self adhesive acrylic backing which bonds to the Tekton. TradeSeals are available from 8mm to 220mm diameter.

Tekton Seam Tape completes the system with a 50mm wide all weather sheathing tape that prevents wind driven moisture getting beyond the wall underlay at all laps.

How does Tekton compare? Tekton Barricade FR1 Fastwrap WaterGate Plus
Absorbent No No Yes Yes Yes
Fire Rated (lower the better) Yes, 0 No Yes, 1 Yes, 4 Yes, 3
Tensile Strength Cross Direction 3.9kN 1.91kN 3.47kN 1.95kN 1.78kN
Tensile Strength Machine Direction 4.4kN 2.37kN 3.53kN 3.4kN 2.09kN
Edge Tear Machine Direction 228N 118.6N 160N 164N 110N
Edge Tear Cross Direction 186N 93.6N 155N 97N 91N
Print Colour Options Unlimited 4 2 1 1

For further information visit the Marshall Innovations website or call 0800 76 9727.

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