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Tekton High Performance Flexible Wall Underlay and Air Barrier

Tekton Flexible Wall Underlay is designed to act as a secondary line of defence in case of water penetration through the exterior wall cladding, and to provide some protection of framing and structure from moisture during construction.


Tekton is manufactured from spun-bonded polypropylene, with a breather-type coating on the external surface which creates high levels of water and vapour resistance, whilst still vapour permeable — not only keeping rainwater out but also allowing any internal moisture to escape, preventing any potential for mould growth.

Fire Performance

A key factor when weighing-up the possible options for a design, Tekton Wall Underlay is fire retardant with the highest fire rating of all underlay in NZ. It achieves a 0 Flammability Index rating.


Tekton is suitable for use in all Wind Zones including Extra High when used with RAB System; and can also be used on house ‘gable ends’ with no internal linings.


Tear strength is an important characteristic for product durability, ease and speed of underlay installation, and for combatting heavy winds — which a site may be subjected to during construction. Being non-woven, spun-bonded polypropylene, this gives Tekton flexible wall underlay this necessary strength.


This is guaranteed within the range of all components of the Marshall Weatherization System (M.W.S). Marshall Innovations Super-Stick building tape is a high-performance window and door flashing tape which is recommended for use with Tekton.

  • Flashing Tape: Super-Stick Flexible Building Tape uses a high tack pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) combined with a high-performance toughened film. Super-Stick Tape can be installed down to -6°C, and wet sealants (for sealing around aluminium joinery) can safely be applied to the upper surface without compatibility issues.
  • Service Penetrations: Available in a large selection of sizes (from 8 – 220mm), Marshall Innovations Trade-Seals are designed as a one-piece self adhesive collar for sealing around pipe and conduit, where services protrude through flexible (or rigid) wall underlays.


All major components which complete the Marshall Weatherization System have independent BRANZ appraisals, and a 15 year product warranty. The complete M.W.S (also BRANZ appraised) is a winning combination of high-performance products, which have been tried and tested together (as a system) to maximise energy-efficiency and weathertightness.

If you have any questions regarding ‘Weathertightness’ or require some assistance with your next project, please get in contact [email protected] or visit our website for more information:

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