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Nuralite Provides Twice the Waterproofing, Without Twice the Price

There is a myth that double layer membrane waterproofing is significantly more expensive than single layer. The notion that twice the amount of material will cost twice the price is a way of thinking that Nuralite has been trying to change for years.

Nuralite's two layer 'bulletproof' system is the price equivalent of most other single layer alternatives currently provided in the market.

There are a number of reasons two-layer waterproofing can be just as cost-effective as a single layer. As a torch-on, Nuralite's Nuraply 3PM system has no need for expensive accessories such as the mechanical termination bars, gussets, sealants and adhesives required for single ply systems. 

As well as the additional cost of these accessories, the increased time to install them is a another cost to factor in. Adhesive curing time itself can take up to seven days and prolong projects. These additions and steps are unavoidable in the single ply system and are required by manufacturers to gain a warranty.  What's more, the homeowners will end up with a 7mm thick, double reinforced, 'bulletproof' system as opposed to a single layer around 1 — 1.5mm.

The addition of a Nuratherm Warmroof system would provide further long-term cost savings as it means increased energy efficiency and less heat loss through the roof. As with Nuraply 3PM, there is a 20-year warranty for the membrane system and there is also a lifetime warranty for the PIR board.

Specifying a Nuralite double layer membrane system with a Nuratherm Warm Roof system is more affordable than usually thought. It will provide a waterproof, warm home plus considerable cost and energy savings for many years to come.

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