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Nuralite Provides Sustainable Roofing for Flagship Education Centre

The Flagship Education Centre in Wynyard Quarter aims to be among one of the first buildings in New Zealand to achieve a certified Living Building status. The project came about when charitable trust Sustainable Coastlines, recognised the need for a living, green building that could inspire sustainable design and building practices in the heart of Auckland's CBD.

Meeting the stringent criteria of zero net waste, water and energy produced from the building proved a challenge. To achieve these requirements only the most sustainable materials and innovative processes could be used throughout the build.

To comply with the LBC, either recycled or non-toxic materials were required. Sustainable Coastlines opted to use 85% re-used/salvaged materials, but of the new materials, Nuralite's eco-friendly Nuraply 3PM Pure White membrane and Warm Roof system were welcome additions.

As Nuralite believes in the importance of creating sustainable building practices by incorporating environmentally friendly products, the company donated a complete Warm Roof system to the project. The desire to see the increase of green-minded buildings is shared between Sustainable Coastlines and Nuralite, and Nuralite's products reflect that.

Nuraply 3PM Pure White provides the perfect solution to combat airborne pollution, as the membrane is coated in a special titanium dioxide that decomposes pollutants into nontoxic by-products when combined with rainwater. When the membrane is exposed to UV rays, the rays act as a catalyst and convert nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides into harmless and neutral substances that are then washed away.

The Nuratherm Warm Roof system was a beneficial addition to the Flagship Education Centre in terms of energy efficiency. The PIR board used in the system helps thermo-regulate the temperature of buildings and avoids unnecessary cost and energy loss through the roof cavity. With a continuous R-value of 4.5 and a lifetime warranty, the PIR insulation board is an innovative material that can be used in the roof, walls or underfloor.

Sustainable Coastlines found the regenerative aspects of the Nuralite Warm Roof system and Nuraply 3PM Pure White vital to the Flagship Education Centre to help achieve the LBC.

To top off the roof system, a LiveRoof was provided by Stormwater 360 to both enhance the building aesthetically and to promote the benefits of green roofs for not only human health, but also the environment.

The Flagship Education Centre wanted to celebrate green design and be a living testament to sustainable building practice. Nuralite's roof systems helped Sustainable Coastlines' goal of being ecologically minded. And in the future, Nuralite hopes to be involved in many more projects that incorporate innovative building materials and promote sustainable ideals.

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