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Ultraglaze Acrylic Creates an Elegant, Durable Kitchen Space

Using Ultraglaze Acrylic Noir in a matt finish, designer Peta Davy from Yellowfox has created an elegant and durable kitchen space in her recent Queenstown project. As showcased on Grand Designs NZ in late 2023, this fabulous Queenstown retreat has been purpose-built as a shared holiday retreat for six families. The kitchen space needed to not only look the part, but durability was also a must.

Choosing a dark colour scheme to make the most of the serenity and stunning views of the Remarkables, Peta and her client found Ultraglaze Acrylic to be the ideal solution. The matt finish not only resisted fingerprint marks effectively but also provided uniform colour, addressing a common concern with dark cabinets. Sourced from Europe's leading supplier, Ultraglaze Acrylic offered superior scratch and chemical resistance, ensuring the longevity required for this bustling kitchen.

While the project opted for a matt finish, Ultraglaze is versatile, available in both matt and gloss finishes, with a colour range spanning 18 options. Peta demonstrated its compatibility with various materials creating a harmonious blend in her project with timber and aged brass.

Ultraglaze gloss offers a mirror-like finish that resembles glass, free from the imperfections and reflective distortions commonly found in other finishes like high-gloss lacquer or gloss coatings. What’s even more exciting about the gloss finish is that it doubles as a writeable whiteboard surface (irrespective of colour) adding an element of fun to projects.

The gold standard for Ultraglaze is premium acrylic on both sides of the panel, providing a high-end finish, but a more economic option is premium acrylic on the front and standard acrylic on the back. For a limited number of colours there is a standard front/melamine back option making it a budget-friendly solution.

Ultraglaze panels are available in two sizes and three thickness options in MDF, with the acrylic film thickness varying based on the chosen colour. Matching laser or standard edge tape in different dimensions is also available.

All panels are manufactured in a clean-room facility by NZ Panels Group in Auckland. This clean room is key to ensuring that every panel is handled with care giving Ultraglaze the confidence to offer a 10 year warranty. 

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