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Bestwood Evoake Veneer Panels Offer Consistent Advantages

Say goodbye to the constraints of working with traditional veneer panels with Bestwood Evoake, an engineered veneer that offers consistency of grain and colour.

Evoake panels provide a virtually identical veneer oak layon for both crown cut and quarter cut options, reducing wastage on panel matching. With crown cut panels having six crowns laid in the same direction, the result is assured, not only with the grain but also in terms of colour consistency.

With European oak becoming more difficult to source and more expensive, having an engineered panel is a game changer. Evoake veneer oak layons are made in Italy to a proven high standard.

Panels have been thoroughly tested using a variety of Mirotone stains to ensure they perform the same as Bestwood Natural Veneer. As with all timber veneer panels, they are supplied with a coarse factory sand but require a further sand before staining and coating.

Evoake offers more creative possibilities with colour as layons are supplied unstained ready to add any colour desired or just a clear-coat to bring out the natural beauty of the oak structure. Both the crown cut and quarter cut layons are slip-matched, which eliminates the risk of any paneling or ‘picket fencing’ that can sometimes occur when using book-matched layons.

If you need to produce wall and ceiling panels, an added benefit is the ability to achieve a Group 1-S fire rating when Evoake is pressed onto MDF FR Black or MDF FR MR (natural) and given a conventional coating. An intumescent coating isn’t needed. 

Evoake panels are available in either 2750mm or 2440mm long panels making them ideal for walls and doors.

For more information and to order samples, visit the veneer product page at

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