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MiTek Posi-STRUT for High Density Residential Roof Truss Design

As the roof gets nearer to the height restriction lines, careful consideration is needed to stay within recession planes.

Heel height requirements for low pitch (<10°) trusses become critical, for which MiTek has data available to assist designers.  Cove member sizes in relation to ceiling and roof plane heights need to be controlled along with supporting walls for complex hip on hip roofs.  For support around large open plan living areas consider using lightweight roof cladding allowing for greater truss spans.

MiTek Posi-STRUT offers a good option for multi mid floor and roof applications. They are specifically engineered and delivered sized, job by job, and are easy (light) to handle on site.  They are suitable as joists for multiple mid-floors with the correct structural supports.  Site services are easily installed to take advantage of the new height freedom.  Posi-STRUTs are a good rafter or purlin option with open webbing providing good air circulation which can be pre-cambered.

Posi-STRUTs are tried and proven in the NZ market for more than 20 years.  

View more information on MiTek New Zealand Limited, including contact details.
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