MiTek New Zealand Limited

MiTek New Zealand Limited

MiTek New Zealand manufacture GANG-NAIL connector plates and design software for accredited truss fabricators and LUMBERLOK and BOWMAC hardware for merchants.

Product literature confirmed current on September 14 2017


MITEK FLITCH BEAM - Lintels & Beams



The MITEK FLITCH BEAM is a composite beam formed with a steel plate sandwiched between timber elements. The beam is manufactured with shot fired nails, fired through the timber into the steel.

The use of the MITEK FLITCH BEAM system eliminates the variations in timber performance and allows large openings to be spanned, such as garage doors, while keeping the lintel depth to an acceptable minimum.

Each beam is custom-made to measure and can be cambered to suit the application.

FLITCH BEAM is available through MiTek accredited fabricators.

NZS 3604 Maximum Suitability

NZS 3604 Wind Zone Extra High suitable

Extra High Wind Zone

NZS 3604 Wind Zone Specific Design suitable

Specific Design Wind Zone

NZBC Designed to Comply

B1 Structure compliant