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Trusted System Provides One-Stop Shop for Pre-Cladding and Weathertightness

Maddren Homes’ New 192m² showhome in Milldale, Auckland is a vision of comfortable modern living with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and vibrant living areas which extend to the outdoors. When it came to protecting the building enclosure from the elements, Maddren Homes turned to Marshall Innovations to provide a complete weatherization system.

“Performance-wise, we were trying to build something above code,” says Keegan Anderson, Sales Manager, Maddren Homes. “We’re always trying to go above and beyond code and Marshalls help in that way.”

Having worked with different products over the years, Marshalls has become the go-to system for Maddren Homes. “We’ve found that Marshalls have better products. They’re easy to use and they’re compatible with each other — especially the underlay and the Super-Stick.”

A complete pre-cladding and weathertightness system was specified for the new showhome, including the Tekton Flexible Wall Underlay, Super-Stick Flexible Flashing Tape, Seam Tape and Trade Seals.

A highlight of this system is the Super-Stick Flexible Flashing Tape which at less than 0.4mm thickness provided installation benefits for the build. “We’re down to a millimetre tolerance so it’s nice to have a thin layer compared to other products out there that are 3 - 4mm,” says Keegan. “The thinness means you can prevent bows in walls and it makes getting in between window framings easy.” He adds that Super-Stick is simple to use and can be installed in any temperature — helping to reduce construction delays.

Another advantage is the robustness of the Tekton Flexible Wall Wrap. “The paper is not like paper,” says Keegan. “The fibres are really strong so if you brush past it with your hammer it’s not gonna rip and tear and leave a hole.”

Ultimately, the beauty of working with Marshall Innovations is that they offer a complete weatherization system from a single source — with guaranteed compatibility between products. “Marshalls come with a good range penetration seals, paper, superstick,” says Keegan. “It’s a one-stop shop when you’re cladding a house, and electricians and plumbers use their products too, so it's a one system fit.”

Keegan is confident that the new showhome will stand the test of time, with weathertightness secured thanks to Marshall Innovations’ compatible system. “I’m absolutely 100% positive on that front,” he says. “The result we get on all our homes now that we use Marshall products is great.”

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