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March 2010

GIB Goldline Trim

GIB Goldline trims offer a fantastic range of paper face metal trims ensuring straight lines are easily and consistently achieved, providing a superior finish.

The paper face over the GIB Goldline trim provides for a finished surface ready for final decorating.  The paper is laminated to the metal profile to provide a straight, strong and consistent corner finishing trim.

GIB Goldline trims are embedded in the compound to adhere to the GIB plasterboard and are not mechanically fixed directly to the frame.  This eliminates frame movement forces being transferred to the joint trim and thus reduces the risks of cracking as well as popping nails that may occur with traditional metal trims.

Square Corners
Create traditional styling with clean and sharp lines to give architectural details a dramatic look.

Bullnose Corners
Create a smooth rounded corner to provide a sense of openness and contemporary styling.

L-Trims & Reveals
Make a feature out of areas where plasterboard abuts other building components and use to finish rough edges of plasterboard.

GIB Goldline trims come in 2.4, 2.7 and 3.0m lengths with a selection of profiles available to suit inside and outside 90° or 135° offset corner applications.

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