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Authentic Details Integral to New Laminex Laminate Decors

Selected based on results from globally conducted research including feedback from New Zealand architects and designers, the Laminex laminate new colours include a palette of greys, whites, on-trend woodgrains and Nocturne, a beautiful deep, dark indigo ink blue.

The hero of the collection is Concrete Formwood, a unique pattern created by the Fletcher Building Laminates and Panels Global Design Team. To create authenticity, boards of reclaimed barn board oak were selected and then hand brushed to emphasise the saw cuts and rustic texture. A layer of concrete was then poured against the boards, before the 'planks' were scanned and tweaked for colour to create the final Concrete Formwood.

"Valued for its raw aesthetic, concrete has become increasingly popular for residential and commercial interiors," said Teresa Walsh, Marketing Development Manager at Laminex New Zealand. "The added benefit of Concrete Formwood is that it can be interpreted as either a stamped concrete pattern or cement washed wood."

The three new woodgrain decors introduced also speak to the trend of authenticity. This movement celebrates the imperfections found in natural wood and authentic imitations such as laminate. Rural Oak takes inspiration from hand worked woods, from the hand waxing and brushing of ancient woodworking technique to give the rustic feel while Washed Knotty Ash mimics lime washed wood, and Blackened Elm brings in the trending grey tones, providing an 'elegant rusticity'.

The Laminex laminate grey palette also increases with six new colours being introduced. Arguably the truest of all neutral colours are those comprised of white and black, so Laminex has filled the gaps in the grey scale by introducing Super White, Polar White Natural, Fox, Gunmetal, Greige Textile and Battalion, resulting in a more gradual step between greys in the palette.

In addition to the new decors, the Laminex laminate range has also introduced a new finish and some improved features. The Puregrain finish provides the look and feel of real wood and is available on the Burnished Wood and Domain decors. A similar finish to that available in the Melteca panels range, Puregrain allows designers to pair this realistic interpretation of wood texture across both cabinetry and benchtops.

The improved features are the addition of antimicrobial technology and tighter post-forming capabilities for a squarer edge profile. Laminex Protec+ antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on surfaces and is certified as food safe. Backed by rigorous third party testing* and the Laminex laminate seven year warranty, the efficacy of the technology lasts the lifetime of the product making it the perfect choice for use in food preparation areas in kitchens, hospitals, schools and other spaces where good hygiene is essential.

Laminex Compact laminate will also see a refresh of its colour range in July with four new decors added; Battalion supports the demand for a strong grey, while Sublime Teak offers a mid tone woodgrain and Juicy and Sunflower complete the vibrant and zesty palette. A self-supporting, moisture resistant panel, Laminex Compact laminate is ideal for applications where enhanced durability is important such as shower and toilet cubicles and in high traffic areas such as healthcare facilities and leisure centres.

"We are really excited about these new additions to the Laminex laminate range," said Walsh. "It's been great to have had the input of New Zealand designers in selecting our new colours which speak to today's trends of greys, imperfect woodgrains and concrete. Not to mention, the addition of Laminex Protec+ to the Laminex laminate range extends its suitability in commercial environments and helps to ensure that we're protecting future generations of New Zealanders from the unnecessary spread of germs."

Laminex laminate colour additions: Battalion, Blackened Elm, Burnished Wood Puregrain, Concrete Formwood, Domain Puregrain, Fox, Fresh Snow Spark, Greige Textile, Gunmetal, Infinity, Nocturne DiamondGloss, Polar White Natural, Rural Oak, Super White, Washed Knotty Ash.

*Tested to ISO22196:2011, JISZ2801 and ASTM G21.

For more information on Laminex laminates and Laminex Compact laminate, visit the Laminex website or speak to a Laminex New Zealand representative.

View more information on Laminex New Zealand, including contact details.
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