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Aluminium Louvrelite Window Surrounds Enhance Social and Affordable House Design

The quest for innovative, cost-effective solutions to enhance the aesthetic appeal of affordable housing has never been more relevant with first-home buyers representing 25% of all recent mortgage lending, and increased immigration likely to drive interest and demand for cost-effective smaller dwellings such as townhouses and standalone houses.

The challenge of creating structures that are cost-effective and visually compelling without compromising structural integrity is real. The Louvrelite Window Surround system stands out as a versatile non-structural cladding system specifically engineered to envelop windows, and help create unique designs, visual interest, and architectural depth.

In medium-density and affordable housing in general, where complex structural alterations are not always feasible, integrating non-structural design features like Louvrelite, into housing design becomes a viable and cost-effective option.

The surrounds are custom-built to suit the architectural specifications of the project, enabling bespoke offerings that align with the overall aesthetic vision of a development. With the ability to be colour powder coated to complement or contrast with the building's façade, they can either seamlessly blend in with the architectural palette or serve as eye-catching accents with geometric patterns, play with light and shadow, or introduce dynamic textures.

Constructed from high-quality aluminium, these surrounds offer exceptional durability, and weather resistance to ensure longevity and minimal maintenance requirements over the lifespan of the building.

  • The system is custom-made in New Zealand to fit project requirements
  • Hidden fixings maintain a premium design aesthetic
  • Powder coated to match or contrast building design
  • Lightweight and simple to install
  • Compliant with NZ building codes B1, B2 and F2
  • Multiple profile sizes available up to 250mm
  • Manufactured in durable and hard-wearing aluminium
  • Low maintenance
  • Specifiable as exterior building products with a PS1

The product has been in the market for several years and has been used successfully on multiple projects around NZ and is a proven option that balances the initial cost of construction, with ongoing maintenance and sustainability, while potentially adding resale value with improved street appeal and interest without complicated/complex and expensive architectural design.

Offering the perfect blend of design flexibility, visual appeal, durability, and sustainability, Louvrelite surrounds empower architects and developers to create captivating spaces that resonate with modern sensibilities.

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