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Designing for Safety: Jesani Door and Shower Channels in School Wetrooms

Designed to address the critical concern of accidental overflows in bathrooms and wetrooms, JESANI's drainage channels are leaders in prevention. However, when tasked with setting up a school environment, the focus shifted to including security protocols. The plans specified the installation of JESANI door and vinyl clamping shower channels with securely locked grilles to ensure student and faculty safety and prevent deliberate flooding.

As a result, each grille features a unique security screw system, limiting access to the trough and drainage outlet to authorised personnel only. This is crucial for safety due to the solid stainless steel construction of the grille. With the security feature in place, JESANI channels boast a virtually unblockable configuration, thwarting attempts at obstruction.

While the custom length vinyl clamping shower channels provided level entry access and effective high volume drainage, the JESANI Door Channel replaced the floor waste gully to meet Acceptable Solutions E3 Internal Moisture, Clause 3.2: Freewater from accidental overflow from sanitary fixtures or sanitary appliances must be disposed of in a way that avoids loss of amenity or damage to household units or other property. Unlike the traditional floor waste gully, the JESANI Door Channel cannot be removed, easily covered or deliberately blocked.

Positioned at this crucial juncture, the JESANI Door Channel is designed to drain the overflow directly outside via the exterior wall or soffit, into a dry stack in a multi level school facility, or into the grey water system as featured in the door channel and vinyl clamping shower channel.

In educational environments where both visual appeal and functional effectiveness matter, JESANI channels provide aesthetic flexibility. The grille can be powder-coated in any colour from the DULUX range to match tile or vinyl flooring, ensuring seamless integration into vibrant early childcare centres or matching the more muted university environments.

Designed to contribute to robust, cost-effective and accessible buildings, key benefits of JESANI stainless steel channels include:

  • New Zealand-made from 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Suitable for residential and commercial new builds or renovations
  • Ideal for accessible bathrooms — level entry on all JESANI channel designs
  • Customisable design options
  • Optional security grille locking feature
  • Low maintenance, slip-resistant, durable, hygienic, recyclable, and sustainable
  • Often the most economical option when considering total life cycle cost.

The Jesani Door and Shower Channels stand as an easy to install testament to innovation in flood prevention, offering not only functional efficacy but also aesthetic enhancement in diverse educational, residential and commercial settings.

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