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Breaking the Mould: Redefining Free Water Management with JESANI Door Channels

Jesani Distributions offers a unique and highly durable solution for residential and commercial projects alike with their JESANI Shower and Door drainage channels. Designed for maximum protection, JESANI channels feature 90mm integrated flanges on all wet sides, comfortably exceeding the 70mm waterproofing lap requirement stipulated by industry standards. This patented feature ensures that each JESANI Door and Shower channel isn't just NZBC E3 (3.3.2) compliant but sets a new benchmark in wetroom drainage solutions.

NZBC E3.3.2: Free water from accidental overflow from sanitary fixtures or sanitary appliances must be disposed of in a way that avoids loss of amenity or damage to household units or other property.

The silent assassin of structural integrity 

Exacerbated by higher volume water output, the increasing incidents of water ingress highlight the urgent need for products that exceed acceptable solutions.

Enter the JESANI Door Channel — a cornerstone innovation by Grant Hohaia, a seasoned architectural builder and the Director of Jesani Distributions. Initially designed to protect homes during the required flood testing of bathrooms, Hohaia immediately recognised a broader application for the system that effectively drains undetected water and accidental overflows at the threshold across all wetrooms.

Innovative design meets functional excellence

Unlike traditional methods that aim to stop water flow — often redirecting it back into the wetroom, the JESANI Door and Shower Channels offer an innovative approach. These channels are engineered to allow water, whether over or beneath tiles, to flow seamlessly into the drainage channel and subsequently into the grey water system, a dry waste stack, or directly outside.

Kiwi engineering for lasting durability

JESANI Door Channels are crafted from 1.5mm thick, 316 or 304 grade stainless steel. The door channel itself offers sleek functionality, featuring a stylish two-bar grill with a 38mm outlet. For higher risk areas, or for those preferring to plumb the outlet back to the grey water system, a four-bar grill with a 65mm outlet is also available. The grill inserts, which can retain their modern stainless steel finish or be powder coated to match the tiles or vinyl, add a touch of elegance to functional necessity.

Exceeding standards nationwide

Specified on projects throughout New Zealand for over 10 years, JESANI channels go beyond high-spec private homes and include installations in government housing, schools, gyms, resorts and rest homes, as well as being a staple in accessibility tasked renovations and new builds.

A vision for the future

With over four decades of experience in architectural building and witnessing countless wetroom failures, Grant Hohaia designed the JESANI range with a commitment to go beyond compliance. "Stopping free water and accidental overflows at the threshold in wetrooms isn’t enough; we have to drain it effectively," says Hohaia. This ethos is at the heart of JESANI products, aiming to not only meet but redefine industry standards.

Known for their fast turnaround times, Jesani Distributions proudly supply their Shower and Door Channels throughout New Zealand with orders directly via JESANI or from local merchants across the country. 

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