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Structural Bracing, Weathertightness and Early Close-in with HomeRAB Pre-Cladding

David Reid homes are known for their quality and attention to detail, so to Nigel it seemed logical to use HomeRAB Pre-Cladding instead of building wrap.

"When I first encountered HomeRAB, I liked the fact that it gives you extra bracing. You're not just relying on the plasterboard. In my mind, better bracing means a better house."

In addition to extra bracing, Nigel says HomeRAB Pre-Cladding contributes to the speed and success of a David Reid building project in three other ways — weathertightness, early close-in and reduction of exterior fastenings.

"Our first project with HomeRAB was in a windy spot on the coast. Using pre-cladding board instead of wrap helped us to get weathertight sooner. While it takes slightly longer to install HomeRAB, it saves time in other ways. Early close-in means you can let other tradies start work sooner."

As a Dunedin-based builder, Nigel is also a fan of the additional thermal insulation that comes with HomeRAB Pre-Cladding. Homeowners in the South Island are always interested in having a warmer home that costs less to heat.

"Better thermal properties certainly help in this part of the world."

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