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Fit for Purpose Outdoor 20mm Italian Refin Porcelain Tiles

New Zealanders have always enjoyed their outdoor spaces, and this continues to grow after the recent pandemic and lockdowns.

Whether your project is for a private or public arena, one initial design selection that you need to make is the visual foundation. Although there are a number of options, there are few so classic as a porcelain tile, commonly used throughout Europe and the Americas, where climates can be extreme.

One stunning Italian porcelain tile option is the Refin OUT2.0 range of 20mm outdoor tiles from Jacobsen.

The OUT2.0 range of 20mm tiles offers a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor, so that even small outdoor areas appear as an extension of the internal area. By using Refin ranges, such as Concrete, Tune, and Wide, you can use a combination of the 9mm interior tiles and the 20mm exterior tiles to minimise the interruption of the flooring flow.

One major benefit of the thicker 20mm tiles is the different installation options available. Due to their superior strength and breaking loads, vs. thinner tiles, they can be installed using the common raised/pedestal method. This method meets the NZ Building Code E2 requirements if you are covering an enclosed deck so that the tiles are easily removed to inspect the waterproof membrane. They are also very versatile for accommodating varying heights on an outdoor area.

The renovation of an old concrete area is also simplified as you can directly glue the tile to the existing slab with minimal preparation; use this method of adhesive and grout for a more traditional look.

If the area only has a soil or gravel surface, you can easily dry lay the 20mm tiles allowing for their removal and reuse at a later stage. The use of spacers between the tiles makes for a uniform look plus allows for drainage.

Refin has been manufacturing porcelain tiles since 1962, and with an annual production of over 7 million square metres, you can be assured of their strict quality control procedures and high standard. Their EPD and LEED certificates, along with their in-house eco initiatives, such as repurposing of the heat generated by the kilns, also allow you to be sure that you are making a product selection that is sustainable.

20mm Benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Resistant to breaking loads
  • Superior nonslip performance
  • Can be reused
  • Easy to clean
  • Frost proof and fireproof
  • Resistance to thermal shock (temperature)
  • Removable for ease of inspection
  • Indoor outdoor flow
  • Not affected by acids
  • Eco Friendly


  • Courtyards/patios
  • Garage
  • Public outdoor areas
  • Swimming pool surrounds
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