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Innovative Powder Coating Technology for Plywood and Plasterboard

Powder coating has long been recognised as an efficient and durable method of protecting and colouring aluminium and metal. It was the idea of imparting the same efficiencies to wood, which back in the early 2000's lead Climate's founders Kyle True and Jeff Stewart to developing a leading powder coating process that brings increased performance and moisture resistance to a range of non-metal building materials like plasterboard and plywood.

With a strong environmental focus, an additional driver for Climate was the need for more sustainable systems in the coatings market.

"A major benefit of the Climate coating process is the absence of solvents or water used. It enhances commodity building materials, delivering increased performance, durability and protection through the use of sustainable coating technology, with no VOC's," Kyle explains.

The patented Climate powder coating technology is electrostatically applied in controlled conditions in Climate's state-of-the-art automated factory, to ensure consistency in coating. It's then cured using infra-red energy which provides increased durability and performance.

In addition to its environmental benefits, the powder coating of staple building substrates offers a number of on-site advantages and construction efficiencies. When applied to plasterboard it eliminates the need for stopping, sanding and painting, reducing the number of trades on site, cutting down on labour time and costs, and ridding building sites of dust and mess.

Applied as a weather resistive barrier onto plywood, the powder coating forms a key component of a proprietary rigid air barrier system. It has exceptional resistance to the effects of weathering during the three months before the cladding is required, helping to keep the plywood and framing dry and achieve an early close-in of the building. It then performs as a sealer coat against any moisture that finds its way into the cavity during the life of the building. "The early close-in is especially useful in areas like Christchurch where trades are stretched," says Kyle.

Climate powder coatings are endorsed by leading paint companies as a factory-applied primer when applied to plywood claddings. Acting as a seal against the effects of moisture it creates a consistent and dependable undercoat that's ideal for immediate on-site top coating, while at the same time protecting the plywood for up to three months before it's painted.

As well as delivering added performance to a range of proprietary rigid air barrier and plywood cladding systems, Climate has developed its own range of interior plasterboard pre-coated products which are available through merchants and distributors in New Zealand and Australia.

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