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Spot the Difference: Futurewood vs Timber Decking

One of Futurewood's clients decided to remove her old timber deck and replace it with Futurewood Composite decking. Her Wellington home, pool and stairs were surrounded by old timber which was looking worn, old and tired. After some research, she became aware of the benefits and features that Futurewood Composite decking offered and began the process to replace her deck.

The timber used for decking 30 years ago was far superior to what is being supplied at present. This is due to regulatory requirements imposed over the years creating a shortage of supply, and in some cases forcing the need to harvest earlier than in the past. The deck is a high value asset for homeowners, so they want to make the right choice of materials to ensure that asset retains its value — and Futurewood does just that. Be it residential or commercial, most people have a preference for a low maintenance product that looks good all year round. With Futurewood Composite decks are virtually maintenance-free, requiring no sanding, staining or refinishing. All IPS suggests is cleaning it twice a year with Futurewood Composite Deck Cleaner or something similar using a stiff brush to maintain the great look of the Futurewood deck.

Another favourable point for the customer in Wellington in this case is that the composite decking is non-slip while timber can be very slippery when wet and mouldy. With a pool surround, the Futurewood Composite decking reduces the chances of slipping when running around wet areas. For the client, the next step is to change her stairs to Futurewood boards, making her entire outdoor area look stunning.

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