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StyleLex Offers a Durable Cabinetry Solution for Covered Outdoor Kitchens

StyleLex is a smart cabinetry panel solution available in a range of surface finishes including matt, woodgrain and textured finishes. Featuring a laminated polyurethane (PUR) reactive hot melt bonding system, StyleLex offers a number of benefits over traditional wood or timber finishes, including weatherability, stain resistance, ease of cleaning, hygiene, UV protection, as well as minimal maintenance. This makes it an option for covered outdoor kitchens in a range of projects. 

What makes StyleLex suitable for covered outdoor kitchens?

Available as individual components or as a complete system, StyleLex can be incorporated into projects of all kinds, and its unique composition featuring weatherproof elements makes it ideal for covered outdoor kitchens. 

Carcass panels are the core of the system, and consist of ABS laminated to a Weatherproof Composite Core (WCC), which can be used for cabinet structure, kickboards, and base frames.

StyleLex face panels use a similar construction to carcass panels, but instead of ABS, they use a weatherable HPL that is laminated to the Weatherproof Composite Core (WCC).

To complete the StyleLex system, edge banding is used on doors and gables to complete the cabinetry.

Designing with StyleLex for optimal use

Designed for indoor or covered outdoor use for cabinets and joinery, StyleLex is perfect for a range of residential and commercial applications. However, for safe and optimal use, it’s important to understand guidelines for design.

The panels are not designed for structural applications or external wall cladding, and for outdoor use, the panels must be positioned in an opaque covered outdoor area with a minimum of 1500mm overhang on all sides (based on a 2500mm high ceiling or roof). Finished cabinets must be installed in fully shaded areas and should not be exposed to direct sunlight where the temperature of the panels could exceed 70°C. Highly exposed gables are not recommended, and it is suggested that benchtop finishes are used to finish the cabinet ends.

Fire safety is crucial, particularly when it comes to kitchens and cooking areas with exposed flames as StyleLex panels are combustible and should not be used directly adjacent to gas cooktops or barbecues. When designing a project with StyleLex products, relevant gas and fire protection codes should be consulted to ensure minimum clearances are maintained. AU/NZ installations around gas burners, barbecues or cooktops must be done in accordance with the appliance manufacturer’s installation requirements, as well as in accordance with AS/NZS 5601.1:2022 Gas Installation Code and any other relevant codes/standards must be followed.

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