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Ezyliner FR: Fire Retardant Polypropylene Liner

Faced with ever increasing fire compliance requirements for lining their finished product, a client needed a material that had been thoroughly tested against standards that were relevant to the markets they sold into.

The client exports products to a number of overseas countries and being able to market the product as being fire retardant and have this backed up with recognised certification, was of significant benefit to them. Industrial Plastic Shapes became involved after the client had exhausted the search for a fire rated polypropylene sheet with their existing plastic sheet supplier.

Ezyliner FR is a Group 3 liner suitable for the lining of interior walls and ceilings in an industrial environment. It complies with ISO5660 and AS5637.1, is weldable and can be fabricated like standard polypropylene sheet.

Key performance indicators when fire resistance testing are:

  • Time to sustained flaming
  • Average heat of combustion
  • Total heat release
  • Peak heat release

In the key area of peak heat release, Ezyliner FR performs exceptionally compared to other polypropylene liners. This is particularly significant in terms of slowing down potential flame spread.

The graph above shows the performance of Ezyliner FR versus another fire rated polypropylene sheet.

Ezyliner FR is suitable for food industry, agriculture and health care buildings, from factories, storage areas and sheds, to hospitals and clinics. 

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