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Designing Floors with Heritage Carpets

Both modulyss and Bentley provide their own online rendering tools, while Bespoke Custom Carpets by Heritage Carpets provide the facility to create custom rugs and broadloom carpets.

Modulyss Designer

Modulyss Designer is an online rendering tool which allows designers to make unique and creative floor designs. This tool offers the entire modulyss carpet tile collection and a variety of colours, patterns, structures and grids.

Furthermore, this tool will make it easy to figure out the quantity of tiles needed.

Bentley Insite Visualiser

The recently launched Bentley Insite Visualiser is a simple rendering tool, with step by step instructions.

To start, the designer will be prompted to upload a photo from their gallery or even snap one in real-time on their phone or tablet. They can then choose carpet tiles or LVT products from the product browser strip, or if they have a product in mind, they can use the “search & filter’’ options. Once complete, they are able to download the image, or even email it directly to the client.


Custom Design Service

Heritage Carpets’ custom service allows for many possibilities. These include:

  • Fully customised carpet tiles or broadloom carpets from Bentley Mills
  • Custom axminster or hand-tufted products comprising mainly or entirely of New Zealand wool

The service begins with two-way consultation which will continue throughout the process and even following the installation. Heritage Carpets is able to start the project with a simple sketch or even just a discussion. Sometimes a design may be already fairly developed and simply needs to be converted into a carpet file. It is important to note that this is not a catalogue service. A custom carpet should be just that! There are many variables and some limitations and the team at Heritage Carpets are able to guide designers if necessary through the intricacies of different fibres and textures.

With a very high level of supplier support and engagement a custom carpet can have a huge impact, or simply add a signature piece to any fit-out, be it for commercial, hospitality, retail or multi-residential projects.

Designers can create to their heart's content with Modulyss Designer and Bentley Insite Visualiser, or contact a Heritage Carpets Architectural Consultant to discuss custom carpet design needs.

View more information on Heritage Carpets, including contact details.
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